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mido replica watches

It's so lightweight that it makes your mind play tricks. You'll find it difficult to feel the weight of this item when you close your eyes. You will begin to believe that this creation is a figment from your imagination. It's so wild and viscerally beautiful, it seems like it came straight out of your dreams. mido replica watches's RM 009, the world's lightest watch, is there on your arm. It ticks away in its special aluminum-silicium case that was created inside a centrifuge specializing components for deep space exploration. This case will challenge any notion of luxury that you may have.mido replica watches Its organic muscularity, rough-hewn beauty and stunning design will make it impossible to ignore. The case will crush and subvert conventions of luxury because the labor intensive and irresponsible costs involved in making it make it the most expensive element in high watchmaking.

Close-up view of the ALUSIC case on the RM 009

The robotic eroticism in the movement suddenly catches your attention. The futuristic architecture of the skeleton plates, a framework made from metal and lithium that seems impossible to combine, has you sucked in. You're forever changed in your perception of luxury. You relent as you happily, no, willingly discard any association with heavyweight case materials such as gold, platinum, or tantalum. You can now see the future of luxury: a world where speed and performance are paramount. mido replica watches: The name is like a supernova, and you know you're witnessing the dawning of a new era of luxury. A world in which lightness is key, where an F1 pilot can wear a tourbillon while driving his Ferrari with nosebleed g forces,Richard Mille Replica where luxury is durable, where a case can be thrown against the wall or a Tourbillon Escapement can survive multiple falls to the floor because the bridge is crafted just like the suspension triangle on a racecar. Welcome to the world RM 009.

Why make the world's lightest watch? mido replica watches says that in auto-racing and professional sports, light weight equals high performance. Mille is saying that the best performance in any racing vehicle, whether it is an F1 car, a powerboat or even a bicycle race, is achieved by maximising power and minimizing weight. F1 engineers spend millions of dollars each year to reduce the weight of each component on their cars. Mille wanted this high-performance feeling to be translated into a tourbillon so light and shock resistant that F1 racer Felipe Massa can wear during his new Ferrari season. The RM 009, at only 28 grams, is a watch its owner can wear for any activity, whether it's running, biking, climbing rocks, or anything else.

mido replica watches didn't want Felipe Massa to wear his watches to galas as an endorsement. He wanted to design watches that Massa could wear to races

The material used to make the watch case is responsible for a large part of the mass of the watch. mido replica watches's first step in creating the lightest wristwatch ever was to find a new case material. Aluminum is one of the most lightweight and resilient materials available. It has a higher strength-to weight ratio than titanium. Aluminum is also corrosion-resistant and relatively easy to handle. It can even be polished. Aluminums of the current generation are used in a wide range of high-performance applications. The material is used for everything from the frames of bicycles raced at the Tour de France, to the skeletal frame of Aston Martin’s V8 Vantage.