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First, I catch up with Revolution's editorial team. This must happen every single day that we are confined or isolated. It forces us to remain mentally sharp, goal-oriented, and challenge ourselves creatively. This is also a great time to learn. The thing about watches, is that once you start learning about them, you'll realize how much you still don't understand. The information is there, just waiting for you. What websites should you visit to learn more about watches?

The second zoom is to catch up every day with The Rake London team at 4PM Singapore Time, which is equivalent to 9AM UK Time. We decided collectively to have the meeting be 'jackets only'. So, each of us is challenged from the waist upwards to express their personal style. For me this has an alarming tendency to drift into the realm of Asian speedmaster replica watches Dressing well can make you feel good and help you realize that the time spent trying to reach the anaerobic level in the morning was well worth it. At least, your clothes fit. This is a very important thing to me. My mother buying my jeans in the "husky section" at Sears probably triggered this fear. If I feel comfortable in my clothes, then I will at least be able to calm down the neurotic storm that is my brain. These meetings are usually attended by smaller, more elegant watches. The watches can be round, like the limited edition white gold Chopard L.U.C. for The Rake, or shaped, like my Cartier Tank Cintree with salmon dial or my Jaeger LeCoultre Tank Cintree with brown dial and yellow gold.

This zoom is something I look forward to, despite, let's say, the mounting financial challenges that come with running a small company in the midst of a global outbreak where the country you manufacture most of your products and the one where your operations center and warehouse are located, both of which are under lockdown. The Rake has a mission. This mission is to create a social media feed and website where people can feel inspired, uplifted and nurtured in this difficult time. In order to achieve this, I will focus on people who inspire me, like Paul Feig, who, in his Instagram cocktail hour live videos, dances and mixes drinks in a stylish manner, while raising awareness of initiatives such as chef Jose Andres' World Central Kitchen.patek philippe replica watches This initiative sends meals to people who are in need around the globe. Daniel Humm is another chef who has really touched me. He founded Eleven Madison Park and during the Corona Virus outbreak, he turned his three Michelin starred restaurants into a soup-kitchen. This can be read here. We want to create content that focuses on the best of human nature. The global pandemic brought out the worst of people, as shown by the racial hate and incompetent leaders, but also the best, which is kindness, generosity and tremendous courage. We at The Rake want everyone to be kind to someone every single day. This will make them feel better, but you'll also feel much better. In the end, it comes down to whether you want to live a life of kindness or one that is filled with sexism. You have a choice.

6-7 PM VST, or valuable smoking time (a term coined my friend Ahmed Shary Rahman, @time_mechanic), is more than a simple moment to smoke a cigar. It can be a moment of camaraderie, or even introspection, depending on one's preference. Since I'm already dressed for The Rake Zoom Conference, I maintain my sartorial poise. To time the length of time it takes me for a particular cigar, I do this. The omega speedmaster replica watches Bellytanker dusty chronograph, made exclusively for The Rake and Revolution, is the perfect tool. The tropical and tobacco-hued face of this chronograph puts me in an uplifting mood. You can purchase it right here.