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First, we must call out all overt racist acts that have unfortunately become more popular since the COVID-19 outbreak. It is important to note that I do not deny that the Corona virus was born in China. I'm just amazed at how stupid people in the US, and Australia especially, think that attacking their own citizens of Asian descent in any way is justified. I think that part of it is due to racial stereotypes where they view Asians as easy target.

Do you remember the Ebola outbreak? How many ignorant, excuse my French, fucktards pointed fingers at African Americans and Australians during that time? None. They know that they will be beaten to a pulp. I will stop now because I want to stay positive. I also shout out inspiring, altruistic and uplifting acts performed by incredible people, from our healthcare providers,Omega Seamaster Replica the Governor of New York, Captain Scott Crozier, that kid playing guitar on the roof in Rome, my friend Paul Feig. Later, more on him. Gary Barlow has a wonderful series of edifying songs that I love to repost on IG. I try to repost Negronis, cigars and watches that people send me. There is a great community on IG, and it's nice to stay in touch. Last but not least, I repost images dachshunds. Dachshunds really are amazing. In fact, I am delighted that the adoption of dogs is at a record high worldwide as a result of self isolation. Remember to keep the dogs after all of this crap is over.

I try to read for 30 minutes every day. I'm not talking about the latest news or Trump tweets, but novels. I read them for escapism and to be reminded of the amazing worlds that the human imagination is capable of creating. It's nice having something beautiful to look at during lunch because the time seems less important. Vintage watches are unique because they were once a uniform item, but over time and with life have become more individual.Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Replica I might have a 5401 gold Omega Seamaster Replicaon my wrist, or my Patek 3700-1A, or a really cool Heuer Camaro that my friend Eric Wind gave to me.

Zoom conference calls from 2-6 PM. How can you spend four hours with Zoom conference calls? It turns out that it is relatively easy. Each afternoon, I try to achieve three things.