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The Aston Martin DBR9 is the racing version of DB9 and features an aluminum engine frame with carbon fiber panels to create a lightweight, durable construction.

Aluminum has some problems, which make it unsuitable to be used in a case for a timepiece. Aluminum has a short fatigue life. Over time, aluminum loses its mass as the molecules become gas. Over time, aluminum weakens. Engineers in the automotive industry get around this problem by over-engineering components to increase their strength, but then you lose the weight advantage that aluminum offers. A car's frame can be suspended by shock absorbers from direct contact with the road, but a watch is subject to daily direct contact. A professional racing bicycle is only used for a maximum of two seasons before being discarded. But a watch can last forever. A watch should be handed down from generation to generation.

Mille continued to research aluminum and found new flaws. Aluminum is strong but its surface is soft. Anodizing, a heat-treated surface hardening process, creates a tough outer skin which can still scratch when hit hard. Normal aluminum could not meet Mille's requirements. Mille sourced high-density, carbon fiber from his aerospace contacts, which he used to make the baseplates for his movements. It was also through these contacts that Mille first heard about ALUSIC,Omega Replica Watches the material used in space technology. ALUSIC was developed by Les Bronzes d'Industrie in Amneville. Luc Lajoye completed his metallurgical study at Grenoble's Genie Physique et Mecanique des Materiaux. During his doctoral study, Luc Lajoye developed the ideas that led to the invention ALUSIC. ALUSIC is made of aluminum and silicon, a metal and mineral mixture that produces a lightweight, shock resistant, hard, and stable material.

ALUSIC was expensive because of its complex manufacturing process. Mille had no choice. He says: "Every time I come to a decision point, I always choose the path that offers the best performance regardless of cost. It is a philosophy that I never compromise. The ALUSIC required to make the RM 009 watch case cost much more than platinum. Mille's ALUSIC case ended up being the most expensive to manufacture in the world. The biggest challenge is fusing the incompatible metals and minerals. ALUSIC must be centrifugally poured to ensure that silicium and aluminum bond at the molecular level.

Lajoye says: "The biggest problem with working with these types of alloys is that the metal mix is by nature bound to have impurities. These impurities can be detrimental to the structure.Patek Philippe Replica During centrifugation however, unwanted material is left at the center of the distribution process, and the perfect matrix will be thrown out to the outer area. This also allows particles to be evenly distributed in the metal mix. Only the outer layer is made of ALUSIC. The inner part remains pure aircraft grade aluminum. The outer layer of the cylinder is carefully removed and from this, the RM 009 is crafted.